X Wing (SSTO Fuel Levels)
by ThePokeman92
uploaded 2014-10-11
stock ship
#stock #starwars #xwing
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  • Type: SPH
  • Style: ship
  • Part Count: 162
  • Stock:
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A mod aircraft called X Wing (SSTO Fuel Levels). Built with 162 of the finest parts, its root part is mk2Cockpit.Inline.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 0.25.0.

KSP X-Wing Fighter (SSTO) is a space plane modeled after the iconic X-Wing fighter from Star Wars. This ship features four large turbojet engines, two small Rockomax engines, and one atomic engine, making the fighter more than capable of interplanetary travel. The default fuel levels are enough for you to make an efficient burn to a stable orbit with about 500-700 dV left, depending on your proficiency with space planes. Below is my own flight checklist using the default fuel:

-Initial stage, space to start Turbojet engines, take off

-45 degree climb, leveling off around 20,000m high

-Accelerate to about 1200-1400m/s while maintaining 20k

-10-25 degree climb, listening for jet spool down.

-On spool down or asymmetric thrust, disable two jets (mode 9) and enable rocket engines (modes 2 and 3, or space twice. Optional: activate one set of engines on initial climb from 20k)

-Decrease thrust as needed to keep jet engines active as long as possible, then deactivate around 33% thrust (mode 8)

-Increase to full thrust and climb to a 45 degree angle, burn to a 75k apoapsis then cut engines.

-Circularize to 75k, then plan maneuver for refueling. Disable Rockomax engines (mode 2) for maximum efficiency once in a stable orbit, and enable as needed for extra thrust.

-Refuel, then you have up to 6000dV at your disposal to go almost anywhere!

This method is probably not the most efficient, but it works with 500-900 dV to spare depending on how efficient you are for rendezvous and maneuvers. RCS is limited, but is enough to dock with a space station if you know what you are doing. Docking is tricky, the long nose means the craft rocks back and forth a bit on the dock, it may be helpful to disable SAS when you get stable for the last bit of controls.

NOTE: I tried to make this plane using all stock parts, but I may have missed a few. To be safe, I have KWRocketry installed, as well as Procedural Fairings (SpaceplanePlus is likely a false positive due to the new stock parts being derived from the SpaceplanePlus parts). Also note there is a hidden fuel tank inside the cargo bay which the atomic engine is attached to.

WARNING: Rebalance the fuel at your own risk, there are certain configurations that can make the craft unstable. Be sure to check the CoL vs CoM when adjusting fuel in the SPH.

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  • Squad (stock)
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