Simple reusable lifter S-2F
by TheFlyingKerman
uploaded 2022-01-07
| Version 3 of 3
stock lifter


The S-2F is yet another major upgrade of the previous S-2C. XLjedi suggested replacing the HECS probe core by OKTO so that it can be built with level 1 R&D tech. This proves harder than it seems, as the S-2C was not sufficiently stable nose first to reenter without active prograde. In this new version, the booster reenters engines first, and after rearrange the control surfaces, it can do so without SAS.

The new design has become my workhorse in my no contract career challenge


  1. The lifter rated for 15.70 t at liftoff to equatorial LKO, with about 1.5 t usable payload. The payload should be aerodynamic, with the included fairing warping up everything.

  1. Turn to maximum power and stage
  2. When the rocket reaches 75 m/s, turn 15 degree east
  3. Turn off SAS
  4. Watch Ap going above 73 km, then cut engine and then circularize


  1. Do a retro burn at 120 degrees west of KSC
  2. Switch to reentry mode (AG2), this reverses the control
  3. Set control authority of AV-R8 winglets to -10 degrees
  4. After hitting atmosphere, fly roughly prograde (engine first!)
  5. At 50000 m altitude, do a second retro burn, aim impact point about 80 km east of KSC
  6. Turn off SAS and watch it fly
  7. When the booster is close to KSC it should be flying at about 1000 m/s, glide it back to KSC
  8. Open parachute just above runway

A stock rocket called Simple reusable lifter S-2F. Built with 20 of the finest parts, its root part is fairingSize1.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.11.0.

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