Laythe spaceplane LISP-1A
by TheFlyingKerman
uploaded 2019-05-14
stock spaceplane

A small spaceplane for Laythe although it can reach LKO taking off from the runway. Unlike my Kerbin spaceplanes it carries extra LF for flying around Laythe and is designed to land on less even ground. No water landing, though. I packed it inside a fairing and sent it to Laythe with a rocket.

Ascend profile (Laythe):
Take off at 75m/s. Climb at 25-30 degrees at 600m/s). Start leveling off at 10000m and fly level at 15000m. Turn to full throttle and turn on prograde lock. The plane should go sub-orbital in jet mode alone.

Entry profile:
Retro burn ¾ way behind target. Follow prograde. Switch to SAS hold when the plane descends to 35000m, and then switch back to prograde with it climbs back to 35000m. Repeat at 25000m and 15000m. When the plane is slow and low enough, engage jet engine and fly home. Land at 70m/s.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 36
  • Pure Stock
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