Kerbus K-310
by TheFlyingKerman
uploaded 2019-01-23
stock aircraft

A variant of the popular Kerbus K-380-400 capable of operating at sea.

Cruising speed: 640m/s
Cruising altitude: 11850m
Fuel burn during cruising: 0.074 unit/s

Notes for taking off:
Pull up at 70m/s. Climbing at 10 degrees. Turn on the afterburners (AG1) at 7000m. Ease off the climb at 10000m and fly level at the required altitude and at 650m/s. Turn back to dry mode and engage prograde lock for cruising. In prograde cruising mode, the plane would first climb and descend in 200m cycles, gradually converging to the optimal cruising altitude. To make convergence faster, temporary turn to SAS when the vertical speed is above 5m/s, level the flight and turn back to prograde mode.

Notes for landing on water:
Lower flaps (AG2). Fly at about 50m ASL with nose pointing 10 degrees above horizon. Lower into water at less than 2m/s vertical by further reducing throttle/speed.

Notes for taking off from water:
Lower flaps. Gradually increase throttle (so that the thrust doesn’t push the nose down). Pull up at 60m/s.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 39
  • Pure Stock
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