by TheFlyingKerman
uploaded 2019-01-26
stock ship


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 61
  • Pure Stock

The HKA-6B is a larger SSTO for delivering stations and small interplanetary ships into LKO. It is rated for 24t to LKO (68.3t MTOW) and is equipped an appropriately sized cargo bay. It is also equipped with an axial docking port and 12 verniers to tug its payload into docking position while in orbit.

Ascend profile:
Start at full power. Pull up at 100m/s. Fly levet at 300m until plane reaches 300m/s. Set SAS to prograde lock. Wait until the plane going faster than 1500m/s, altitude above 21000m and climbing, switch to close cycle (AG1). Cut engine when AP is above 70000m and then circularize. Open cargo bays (AG9) to use the solar panel and RCS.

Reentry profile:
Retro burn at a little more then 180 degrees behind KSC.

Move about 50 units of oxidizer of liquid fuel from the aft 1.25-2.5m tank to the forward 1.25-2.5m tank. Open docking port. Follow prograde. Switch to SAS hold when the plane descends to 40000m, and then switch back to prograde with it climbs back to 40000m. Repeat at 30000m and 20000m. When the plane is slow and low enough, engage jet engine and fly home. Land at 50-60m/s. The plane is quite agile when empty.

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