by TheFlyingKerman
uploaded 2022-01-05
stock+DLC aircraft

An all electric tilt-rotor plane for surveying mining sites on Laythe and Kerbin. It is designed for unmanned operation and when adding crew, the contents in the cockpit and crew cabin should have equal weight (the EVA repair kits can be moved around to balance).

The plane charges itself using an RTG, and at maximum power (240 m/s at 11300 m on Laythe, 225 m/s at 9700 m on Kerbin using prograde hold) can fly about 600 km on each charge. It can be fitted and delivered inside a 3.75m fairing.

Action groups:

Gear: Lower landing gear and flaps, cancel propeller pitch
Brake: Brake for landing gearing and slowing down motor, unlock motors
Throttle: Motor RPM and torque
AG5: Lock hinge and lock motors
AG6: Set horizontal reference
AG7: Set vertical reference
Custom axis1: Hinge tilt and propeller pitch

Vertical takeoff:

Set vertical reference.
Set SAS to radial in.
Briefly press brake to unlock landing gear and motor.
Throttle up to 60%.
When plane is about 200m above ground, set SAS to hold.
Set horizontal reference.
Set throttle down to 50% (40% on Kerbin), the plane should be going up at low speed.
Slowly tilt the rotor (custom axis 1) down while keeping the plane horizontal (it tends to pitch up).
The speed should be increasing quite quickly to about 100 m/s when the rotors are horizontal (the hinge is deliberately slow to allow time to accelerate).
Retract landing gear.
Turn to full throttle and climb at 10 degrees.

Vertical landing:

Throttle down and slow to about 80 m/s and 200 m above ground.
Extend landing gear.
Set throttle to 50% (40% on Kerbin).
Slowly tilt the rotor (custom axis 1) up while keeping the plane horizontal.
When the rotors are vertical, pitch up 10 degrees to cancel the remaining horizontal speed.
Set vertical reference.
Set SAS to radial in.
Set throttle so that the plane is just hovering or slowly accelerating upwards.
Tap brake, this slows down the motor temporarily and makes the plane go down at a low, controlled speed.
Descend at below 7 m/s, above which the propeller blades stalls, in that case increase throttle to arrest the descend.
Hover at 2 m above ground, then throttle down a little for a soft landing.
Hit brake and cut engine.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.11.0.

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