FX-607 Proteus
by ThatCrazyDelphox
uploaded 2017-06-10
mod aircraft
#Hitech #fighter #jet #BDArmory #fast


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 146
  • Mods: 11


  • Automated Aerial Refueling System
  • B9 Aerospace Parts Pack
  • B9 Procedural Wings Modified
  • BDArmory
  • BDynamics Mk22 Cockpits
  • Kerbal Foundries2
  • MechJeb 2
  • NKD - North Kerbin Dynamics for BDArmory
  • Red versus Blue! A BDArmory expansion pack
  • Squad (stock)
  • TweakableEverything


The pinnacle of air technology, the FX-607 Proteus is the most advanced fighter ever made by Aeris of all times.

The Aircraft comes with a fully computerized COFFIN cockpit, hidden missile bays, nuclear weaponry and a perfect radar stealth design that has zero RCS in all directions by using a special coating that reflects radar waves and a plasma cannon to create interference between the signals giving it a Full Radar Stealth Concept Fighter title.

Despite having the most adanced technology available in it’s systems, the aircraft wasn’t built with the Cordealis’s 180 degree radar or the Super Eon’s countermeasures or the Aerisan’s cool SSTO look. But it has deadlier weapons and fully working slats in the leading edge of the wings.

The FX-607 was awarded with the honorable title of FX-2016 by being the best aircraft built in the year, and it is competing for the title of FX-2017 along with the FX-637 Delphinius as the most advanced fighter of the year.

The aircraft also comes with an experimental Photon-Gas Disturbance Sensor that makes it capable of detecting even the most subtle change in the wind several kilometers away.

Technical info. (Only for Nerds)

4x Eon Team SR&D High Profile Turbofan Thrusters with 120Kn each.

Radar Systems:
1x GTX Dynamics APGMDS (Advanced Photon-Gas Material Disturbance Sensor).

Targeting Systems:
1x UHF Band Linker.
1x High Frequency Spectrometer* (For targeting optically invisible aircraft)

*ACX Gleipnir’s worst nightmare.

4x AIM-120 (or any other Medium Range missile)
2x AIM-9X BIII (only compatible with these)
6x Paveway IV (or any other GPB)
12x AGM-65 (or MK82 bombs if you want)
2x AIR-2 (or any other non nuclear missile)
2x Vulcan Miniguns (only these can be installed on the aircraft).

A mod aircraft called FX-607 Proteus. Built with 146 of the finest parts, its root part is bahaMk22LightningCockpit.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.0.

I always thought about where my real home would be, today I found out that the sky is my home, and its so beautiful. -Marcelo Braise Braicci Serene

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