Ka-197 "Seagull"
by Tex
uploaded 2016-08-19
stock aircraft

The Ka-197 Seagull is a long-range stock aircraft with high maneuverability and doesn’t require much skill to fly. The craft is very stable to fly and has enough power to reach Mach 1 if flown correctly.

The aircraft has several scientific instruments on board, including a thermometer, barometer, accelerometer, a Surface Scanning Module, and a medley of antennae (one main antenna and two backup antennae). It is powered by a Wheesley jet engine, which gives it a reverse-thrust capability, which comes in handy for landing on terrain.

In addition, the plane has an ideal liftoff speed of about 42 m/s, which means it can take off using only about 33% engine power. It can also fly low enough and slow enough that it can land on water fully intact, and can actually glide along at a maximum water speed of 40 m/s (unfortunately, it can’t take off again once waterborne. Emergencies only!).


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 48
  • Pure Stock
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