KDrive MK6
by Tesseract4d2
uploaded 2017-10-20
(updated 2017-10-20)
stock ship
#kraken #kdrive #krakendrive

Kdrive MK6 is the sixth iteration of the Tesseract Kraken Project, and the first fully throttle-able and reusable product of the project. to use the KDrive, first get it to orbit, and use action group 1 to decouple the drive core and deploy the drive core actuator, then once the actuator is fully extended, use action group 1 to retract the actuator. when the drive core is in position, use action group 2 to engage the drive core locks. when drive core is locked, use action group 3 to activate the recursion panels which will activate the drive. drive power is controlled using the authority limiter on the recursion panels (airbrakes below the wheels) they can be throttled between 100% and approximately 74% to control the acceleration.

when ready to time accelerate, you must first deactivate the drive with AG3, then unlock the drive rod with AG2. AG4 extends the drive core stowing actuator, which will dock the drive core back to the ship for time warp.


  • Type: Subassembly
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 33
  • Pure Stock
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