Hectors CXT Mobile Missile Launcher
uploaded 2017-12-27
stock rover
#missile #STOCK #stock #Stock #weapon


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 169
  • Pure Stock


Hector K. Kerman was one of the few kerbal scientists trusted to work on the secret weapons development programme for the Kerbinian government. The CXT got it’s name due to the projects secretive nature, the higher-ups figured it sounded too futuristic and mystical for kebals to care for any meaningful amount of time. The folks at the R&D Centre grew to associate the CXT with it’s cheif designer, Hector K. Kerman, and when 30 years later it was declassified after the Great Emu War, people began calling it ‘Hector’s CXT’ because quote: Why not? and the name soon stuck.

Hector himself, a aeronautical engineer and pacifist, never wanted for this weapon to be used against other living beings but simply a stepping stone on the road to the stars. That was until the fateful day when while on patrol with a volunteer division operating in Australia to help quell Emu uprisings Hector’s son, William K. Kerman was fatally wounded. By the time word had gotten back to the Kerbinian government Hector was already driving towards the sunset on his way to bomb Emu’s.

And that kids is why Australia is currently under military occupation by the Great Emu Reich.

Built in KSP version 1.3.1.

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Complaints? Don’t worry I’m listening, ignore the TV in the background.

TD23ASUS, on behalf of Her Majesty the Kerbal.

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