Dr 1001 'Skyevue'
uploaded 2017-09-25
stock aircraft
#ultralight #small #stock #agile #deadly


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 36
  • Pure Stock


This beauty is the culmination of many years worth living and many seconds worth of me thinking Huh, that’s a not terrible idea!.

Built by Dritsas Aerospace, the Dr 1001 was the first of the Dr series planes to make it to the front lines. Put into production as the primary fighter of the Republic of Kebrbinia against the Kraken Reich during the Third Kerbo-Kraken War, it was soon discovered that it had many flaws, but nevertheless was a formidible fighter. Airkerbs who survived sorties against Kraken spacecruisers in the Skyevue reported that while the performance of more regular fighters were scaled down well to the 1001 in general, it had a tendency to go into tumbles while taking tight corners.

It’s creator, Dritsas T. Kerbenstien, soon realised however that this property which the pilots made much use of when retreating from the Kraken’s mighty armada was actually a Bethesdian bug, and was a direct result of the crafts unique and cost-saving ‘THE ENTIRE BLOODY WING IS AN ELEVATOR’ design, which some report D.T.K. came up with while drunk on liquid fuel.

After the Third Kerbo-Kraken War the Skyevue was to see use in many more battles as a parasite fighter, along side the P-15 Pidgeon, a note-worthy heavy fighter designed by C7 Aerospace in a joint initiative with the Kerbinian Airforce. Many famous aces were born from the 1001 as well, including the Kerman brothers from the Kerbinian Civil War and Juliana T. Kerbenstien (the grand daughter of D.T.K.) during the Great Emu War, during which the Kerbinian military got involved in order to save their close ally Australia on the other side of the magical mirror portal.

The Dr 1001 is remembered today as a pioneering step into the world of aerospace and emu hunting, both of which became of strategic importance in recent times.

Built in KSP version era 1.3.0.

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TD23ASUS, on behalf of Her Majesty the Kerbal.

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