YN-34 Relentless
by SwineWorks
uploaded 2019-01-17
stock ship
#Ship #Boat #Military #Navy #Gun

Redesigned YKN-60, Definitely my proudest build in KSP. I’ve been improving upon this ship for almost a year now.
The autocannon used on this ship is the result of many redesigns of one of my first cannons, the HC204. It is good for killing kerbals and destroying small boats, but not for destroying parts. It has a higher fire rate than it looks to have, and can penetrate armor without destroying it because of the way KSP physics work.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 1068
  • Pure Stock

Audio credit: HB Stratos - https://kerbalx.com/HB_Stratos

Approximate Dimensions:
L - 62.5m
W - 15m
H - 9m

Crew: 20 by default

Ship Range: Probably around 1000km (Used engine’s max fuel consumption)

Cannon Range: 2km

Missile Range: 650km

Ammo Storage: Currently 612 shells, 8 missiles total.

Top Speed: (1,105t of LF) 24 knots (12 m/s)

Mass: 1,695t

Turning Circle: Varies. If you reverse engines on one side it can practically neutral turn.

June 18 2018

July 8 2018

September 10 2018

January 16 2019

Instructions: For some reason it needs to be launched on floats in order to move properly if using vesselmover. Let the engines spool up, and just release it into the water. Let it get up to at least 3 m/s before detaching the floats. The ship cannot get moving again after stopping, unless it has a boost. I really don’t know why or how to fix this.

Turret use: Stage until all stack separators have been detached, then separate the turret. Usually, it re-attaches with the ship. Undock the docking port in the back of the turret, and select control from here in the turret’s probe core.

Missile use: Detach docking port, select control from here on the missile’s probe core, then stage to launch.

Changelog from YKN-60:

Improved Internal Space
Improved Weapon Storage
Improved Cargo/Other Storage
New Improved Missiles
Improved Superstructure Armor
New Ability to Reload Missiles (Not included in this version, may upload extra ammo version if requested.)
Improved General Integrity
More Seats
Lower Part Count
And most importantly to me, probably less to downloaders, is the ability to replace the turret and the spaced side armor if damaged.

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