F4 Main Battle Tank (1.7)
by SwineWorks
uploaded 2019-10-30
stock rover
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As the Old Kolus Generals are wondering on which side the potential heavy tank is, one thing becomes clear; they cannot take another action before gathering more intel. The generals were unsure how to take the next step. As they were discussing it, the giant doors were giving off the sound of someone knocking on the door.


The doors opened as the head of states walked inside the planning room. The generals stood up facing towards him. After the head of states saluted the generals, they all sat down at the round table.

HoS Gentlemen, today I am here to discuss the possibility of asking YK about this issue. I believe that we can no longer help YK in secret.

General Sir, the potential danger of YK using our secret campaign on their land as a reason to start a war against us is not negligible.

HoS Can YK ever start a war against us with them losing to the enemy?

General What if the potential heavy tank was theirs? What if they have trump cards like that allowing them to win the war?

HoS Are our armed forces not trustworthy enough for you?

General We believe that if they were to take action, that this will mean that we can no longer restore the diplomatic relations.

HoS When were we even concerned about that? Weren’t they the ones deserting us causing us to separate?

General Then why did we ever start the campaign?

HoS.Because humans help others in need.

General But are they even in danger?

HoS Thats what we will find out by sending a diplomatic envoy.

General But what if YK were to attack it?

HoS That gives us all the reason to annihilate them.

Old Kolus sends a delegate to YK to discuss the conflict. The delegate is told that the tank is from YK and that they will accept help in the battles, allowing OK tanks in YK territory.


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 694
  • Pure Stock


AG1 to enable engine and proper turret control.

Stage twice to release turret and cannon, make sure landing gear is deployed in the hull before doing this

Switch to turret, stage, press 3, switch to cannon and load shell with gun thrusters until just inside barrel.


During the first major conflict involving Young Kolus (Then called East Kolus, as Kolus had not yet been fully split.), they realized that the enemy would soon be surrounding them, and they could no longer afford to use only light tanks. Development began for a heavy tank with good armor and a new weapon: A high capacity, reloadable, I-beam cannon.
The prototypes were built, and the effectiveness rapidly increased with each new iteration of the design. Many tests were done to determine the best design.

This vehicle was a quick and small tank with no internals, only an outer shell. Kolus had never made a tank like this before, and needed to start somewhere.
The tank had only structural plates as armor, and a barrel made of parachute parts.

Quickly after the F1 was built, it was literally expanded into a totally new tank; the F2. The new vehicle was, at first, a larger F1. This gave the engineers more room to work on the insides.
The barrel was changed to I-beams and elevons, making it much stronger and more efficient, allowing the test vehicle to fire a single shell.
Whilst the reloading mechanism was being worked on, the armor quickly advanced. The F2 featured spaced armor that could be replaced if damaged. This proved promising.
After quite some time developing the F2, a loader was added based on old 240mm RCS cannons. This was incredibly ineffective, but knowledge was gained from the experiment. Later it was decided that the turret was simply too small to fit enough ammunition and a loading mechanism.

After determining that the F2 would not work, a totally new design was created with a new upwards-angled turret armor. Overall, the vehicle was slightly smaller than the F2. However, the shape and height of the turret allowed for more cannon experiments to be conducted. This, alongside the F2 prototypes, were technically battle-ready at this point, despite having only one guaranteed shot. Eventually, finally, the cannon could be reloaded. It wasn’t stable, but it worked. Spaced armor was also included on the working version. The tank would be able to help hold back the enemy until the war was over.

Between these, a certain leading engineer in the West had created their own heavy tank, the KT-1. There was now a competition, and East Kolus knew the KT-2 would soon be built. The clock was ticking. East Kolus could no longer wait on the West to finish the designs for the F4. West Kolus had been occupied by the enemy. The F4 had to be completely domestic. The west had no idea.

Meanwhile, work had begun for the last planned prototype to include these designs,

The F4:
The idea going in to the F4 project was to make almost everything replaceable if damaged, and that was achieved right off the bat.
Starting with the hull, it was given composite armor with many layers all in the right places. The rear part of the hull was lower to allow the gun to elevate. The rear did not need composite to protect the crew anyway, only the engine.

Work began on the cannon before the turret was built. After all, this tank was made to solve the cannon problem in the F series tanks.
The cannon was made able to elevate and depress whilst being able to reload, making it one of, if not the first of its kind, and making it far ahead of the KT-1.

The turret featured a similar composite as the hull, but less space was available in the front. Nobody was certain how effective the armor was. Over time the composite plates were reduced.
Only a couple of days later the KT-2 was shown off for the first time. However the wars were already over, and the now, somewhat reunited Young and Old Kolus had sent over one of each MBT to fight for testing purposes. They were both almost invulnerable to each other. The armor worked and only needs to be improved over time, now the race for more powerful weapons is continuing.

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