Sword Mk 11
by StringWitch
uploaded 2016-07-26
stock lifter


A partially recoverable medium lifter & multirole vehicle with a consistent 2.5m part profile and a functional emphasis on orbital assembly, designed for operations anywhere within Kerbin’s SOI (and potentially a little beyond it). The upper stage is powered by a Skipper rather than the perhaps more expected Poodle for a better cargo-moving TWR and easier orbital insertion; the strength of the reaction wheels and RCS make it fairly easy to manoeuvre in space. If/when the vehicle’s usefulness is expended, the crew & service compartment may shed its drive section and RCS pylons and be recovered on Kerbin. This final stage features emergency propulsion in the form of two O-10 monopropellant thrusters.

Flight manual: Relatively prone to toppling, therefore keep AOA within the prograde indicator’s circle. RCS control may be required during ascent for light loads.

Note: The game will class it as a lander due to the choice of pod, but it is not intended to land anywhere.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.1.3.


Crew: 2 (no automated control)

Height (sans fairing): 46m

Width: 9.6m (5.5m sans launch clamps)

Mass on launchpad (sans payload): 360t

Partcount: 246

Payload (LKO): 40t

Payload (HKO; Mun; Minmus): 20-30t

Takeoff TWR (10t): 1.7

Takeoff TWR (20t): 1.65

Takeoff TWR (40t): 1.5

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