by Spricigo
uploaded 2017-10-16
stock lifter


Heavy Refueler¨Reach a 300km x 300km orbit with:¨9,000LF; 11,400Ox; 1,500MP (more the LFO for the trip back) ¨\F162,000 is recoverable¨¨FLIGHT PROFILE:¨Launch with: Throttle 100%, SAS Hold¨@30m/s SAS Prograde¨Stage when the SRBs burn out¨Wait for the desired Apoapsis, cost and circularize¨¨Notice that [1] toggle the Twin-Boars (not necessary for Vacuum operations)¨Also a tendency to veer a few degrees to the south remain. It ‘works’, didn’t attepted to fix.¨¨For docking maneuvers open the CargoBay to expose the Vernor Engines and Docking Port. It turns sloooowwwwwwlllly, its possible an extra reacion wheel (or many) is a good idea.¨¨Landing was tested from a 240km orbit, with SAS off. Setting Pe 0m, 30°-45° ahead of KSC works OK, shallow trajectories ended in overheating. All the parachutes can reduce descend to 10m/s. The Mammoth at 20% can reduce it to 3m/s in the last 50m or so (Keep about 200m/s for this). Being a tall craft is prone to flip, 2 extra landing legs in the nose prevent it from crashing hard (parachutes still hanging)¨Still, the landing procedure is left for the user figure out according to his use (ideal place for deorbit burn, ideal atitude, etc), I guess better landing legs (from mods) can help to keep the rocket up and Im afraid whater landing can be more trick. ¨¨¨

A stock rocket called Glacier. Built with 146 of the finest parts, its root part is RCSTank1-2.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.3.0.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: lifter
  • Part Count: 146
  • Pure Stock
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