Ares V + Altair Lander: Project Constellation
by Spacelab_ksp
uploaded 2020-03-20
stock+DLC lander
#stock #replica #constellation #nasa #ares

Custom interior!

Altair lander and Earth Departure stage docked with crewed Orion (sold separately)

Ares V Launch Vehicle

Booster separation


The Ares V - Altair stack was a proposed lander design for use in project constellation. The uncrewed Ares V would lift off and place the Earth Departure stage (EDS) with the Altair lander in a parking orbit for later rendezvous with the crewed Orion spacecraft launched from an Ares 1 rocket soon after. The EDS would then propel the whole assembly through translunar injection before being discarded. The Altair lander would then brake the Orion capsule into lunar orbit before undocking and landing. After landing the ascent is very similar of Apollo’s where a separate ascent stage takes the crew to rendezvous with Orion.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: lander
  • Part Count: 475
  • Pure Stock

Action Groups

Craft Info (Ares 1 + Orion craft file recommended)

2 Toggle hatch on lander cabin
3 Toggle descent stage engines
8 Retract Service Arms
Gear: deploy landing legs

Nothing especially important to note. Before leaving the external seats in the custom crew cabin whilst on the surface, a quicksave is recommended as sometimes kerbals can glitch into the roof and break the ascent stage. Also worth noting that you need to decouple the EDS manually when docked to Orion

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