Ares I + Orion: Project Constellation
by Spacelab_ksp
uploaded 2020-03-20
stock+DLC ship
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The Ares 1 was a proposed crewed launch vehicle that was part of NASA’s Constellation programme. This vehicle would have launched the Orion spacecraft to Earth Orbit to either visit the ISS or rendezvous with other modules to head beyond Earth orbit. The first stage was a modified space shuttle solid rocket booster with the second stage consisting of an orange tank with a J-2X engine. In testing, it was shown that the ocilations from launch were immense enough to cause damage to the spacecraft and potentially the loss of crew. Moreover, aborting was more dangerous as the solid rocket booster cannot be shut down in flight unlike a liquid fuelled rocket. All of this and the evermore increasing cost of Constellation in general resulted in the cancellation in 2010


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 247
  • Pure Stock

Craft Info (Altair Lander recommended for Mun missions)

Action Groups:

1: toggle Orion solar panels
7: retract crew arm
8: retract service arms
0: toggle Orion propulsion (engines)
Abort: trigger abort

This replica comes with a fully working abort system. Just activate the abort action group!

The second stage has more than enough delta v to send Orion anywhere in the Kerbin system (some places may need some gravity assists to get there)

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