Suchoi Su 25
by SpaceTrashCan
uploaded 2017-08-02
stock aircraft
#jet #groundattacker #replica #stock #Bomber

Suchoi Su-25


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 141
  • Pure Stock


The Su-27 is a russian/former soviet ground attack plane. It is built since 1981 and over a thousand of it toom service for over 25 different nations. The plane is relatively slow in speed and manouvers. But this is not a minus, since it was designed to attack slow moving ground targets in an airsuperioty situation, much like it’s American counterpart the A-10 Wathog.
My replica shares the characteristics of the original Su 25. It has a quit similar thrust to weight ratio. It corners only slow and doesn’t climb very high (Note: It’s a Ground Attack Plane after all). It is simple to fly. When acceleration on the runway, the plane tries to drift off. I don’t know why tho. I checked the aerodynamic overlay/CoM-CoL but couldn’t find any mistake. I guess KSP doesn’t the the Frogfoot (NATO-Codename) :P It is still easy to lift off if you manualy counter that movement. besides that it handles well.

The Plane features Air-to-Ground Rockets. You can fire them by pressing

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