Space Shuttle
by SpaceTrashCan
uploaded 2017-11-16
(updated 2018-07-09)
stock spaceplane
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This is the very KSP Space Shuttle NASA Astronaut Scott Kelly flew when he was playing KSP, teaming up with the YouTube channel Ars Technica. You can fly it too!

How to Fly?

  • Press [SPACE] to liftoff
  • Do Gravity Turn with [S] instead of [D]
  • kill all engines before booster seperation [X].
  • Full Throttle again shortly afterwards [Z].
  • Press [1] to shift fom launch engines to orbital engines
  • Press Control from here on the Probe Core in the Cargo Bay, before orbital manouvers. This is so you point in the right direction when performing manouvers
Reentry & Landing
  • Press control from here on cockpit before reentry
  • reenter prograde
  • Land at ~100+ m/s (Like the real shuttle)

Space Shuttle (STS)

The Space Shuttle (with boosters ans external tank = STS Launch System) was an US-American reusable space craft. The Space Shuttle followed teh Apollo and Skylab missions. It first launched in 1981. It was expected to be cut the costs for payload to LEO big time, but didn’t achieve this main purpose. Until 2011, when the program was cancelled the five Orbiters (Challenger, Columbia, Atlantis, Discovery and Endeavour) flew a total of 135 missions. thsie missions were mostly. Unfortunatly two missions ended tragically, destroying the orbiters Challenger and Columbia and killing their crews. The Space Shuttle played a crutial role in the building of the ISS.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 272
  • Pure Stock

My Space Shuttle

Teh orbiter is originally based on my Buran orbiter but i later basically had to build a complete new plane, with teh center of mass shifting due to the engines etc. The orbiter is way heavier then the Buran and handles different. The whole STS itself is the way better launch system than my Buran system but the Buran might just be teh better plane itself. During launch the shuttle is stable (It wobbles a little in early flight). After Booster seperation it is extremly stable. I’m proud of that. It manouvers good in space. After reentry it is good to handle, if you treat it like a Space Shuttle and not like a Fighter Jet. It likes to fly fast and steady. You can do sharp manouvers safely, but it doesn’t sit in the air as stable as a small plane would during manouvers. It lieks to land fast too. NASA called the real Shuttle Flying Brick due to it’s performance so i built mine rather accurate i think xD

Log File:
09.07.2018 : Orbiter mass placement has been shifted to increase stability after reentry. Apperance stays exactly the same.

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