Simple Space Shuttle
by SpaceTrashCan
uploaded 2019-03-09
(updated 2019-09-14)
stock spaceplane
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Simple Space Shuttle

The last Space Shuttle i uploaded was received very well. It was designed to be a most detailed replica of NASA’s Shuttle.

This One was designed purely for maximum performance. It handles alot easier than the one Scott Kelly flew. It is very easy to dock once in orbit and simple to launch and land. I use this alot for lifting modules into space these days. Shuttles are usually more complicated to fly but this one handles very smooth.

I went for maximum performance with minimum parts so even unexperienced players and players with weaker hardware can fly the Shuttle without problems. I ended up with 189 parts for the whole STS. Therefore i sacrificed the astethics to a certain degree. But I still am very happy with the asthetic outcome.

The recommended payload is 30 metric tons, which is fairly similar to it’s real life counter part.
Make sure to have the data of the little orange tank opened during launch, so you can see when the main tank is empty and optimize the timing of tank seperation (picture to the right).


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 204
  • Pure Stock

pictures of missions i flew with this craft:




Update 14. September 2019
  • Booster Separation optimized for safer separation
  • Improved Lighting inside the Cargo Bay
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