STC-R1 Project Butterfly
by SpaceTrashCan
uploaded 2017-09-12
stock rover
#Rover #Hypercar #stock #stock #Racecar

STC-R1 Project Butterfly


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: rover
  • Part Count: 126
  • Pure Stock

Project Butterfly

This time not a replica :P
STC-R1 Project Buttefly is Kerbins secretly developed Hyper Car. Focused on absolute peformance combined with dangerous looks this car is quickest a Kerbal can buy. The wings weren’t just placed for looks, they provide this car with strong but balanced downforce. Propably the best aerodynamic engineering i’ve put on any of my rovers. This car presses itself to the ground greatly at high speeds, giving it strong corner performe. You’ll hardly experience any oversteer in fast corners. On my test runs it accelerated quickly by it’s power from four Juno engines. With ten wheels on the ground you can break down fast from high speeds. In the end the car isn’t the fastest in the world (Juno engines could be multiplied tho) but it’s corner performance is outstanding making it quick on circuits.
Have Fun with it!

I gave it a couple of laps on LABenterprises Circuit Layout.

Best Clean Lap Time So Far:

Although not as fast as LABenterprises times, i’m happy with it, since this car is a lot shorter and less wide then the other cars tested on this track. It also uses different wheels from what LABenterprises uses.

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