Northrop B-2 Spirit
by SpaceTrashCan
uploaded 2017-08-07
stock aircraft
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Northrop B-2 Spirit


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Northrop B-2 Spirit

The Northrop B-2 is an US-American stealth bomber, which first flew in 1989. The bomber is designed to be the mist undetectable aircraft in the world. It can penetrate deep behind enemy lines to drop nuclear bombs. The planes design was highly inspired by the Northrop YB-35 and the German World War to Ho-229. WIth 2.2 billion dollars per plane, the B-2 is the most expensive aircraft of all time. 22 were built, of which 21 are still in service (One crashed due to a flight-software failure).

My Version

I tried to built my replica as close to the original as possible. The hull and wing angles quite challenging. But in the end i’m happy with the result :) Like the original, it has room two pilots, who sit next to each other. It also has the two bomb bays. The wing angles are almost correct. The wings only have a slight different angle than the original.

How to fly:

Note: The B-2 in real life is one of the most challenging to fly planes in the world. Like every flying wing, this one is also challenging to handle during hard yaw and roll manouvers.

  • It lifts of at ~80 m/s
  • Keep SAS activated at all times
  • Try to avoid super sharp manouvering (it’s a bomber not a fighter after all :P )
  • Land at ~60 to 100 m/s
  • Don’t manouver hard during landing approach.

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