North American X-15 with B-52
by SpaceTrashCan
uploaded 2017-08-05
stock spaceplane
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North American X-15

North American X-15

The X-15 was an US-Amercian hypersonic rocket-powered aircraft (X-Plane). First flewn in 1959, the X-15 set multiple records, including height, and speed, with later versions flying over Mach6. Three X-15s were built. They flew 13 missions before retirering in 1968. The X-15 would not lift off itself. It was placed under the wing of a B52 bomber and dropped at high altitude, from where it’s flight began. It would later land by itself. since the X-15 flew over 100km high, some of it’s pilots became officially astronauts by flying this plane (most of em joined the Apollo Project later)


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 345
  • Pure Stock

My Version.

My X-15 is like the original launched from my B-52- I used a slightly changed Version fo my B-52 H ( ) for this. To counter teh weight of teh X-15 i have added a weight tank under the left wing. The system handles very well for such a complicated build. At ~6000m the X-15 decouples and is on it’s own.
On thh X-15 i focused on both, modelling it autentic but also have it perform autentic (Took a whole lot of time). It handles well at +Mach speed and it glides safely home from it’s hyperbolic flight. In my testflights i achieved a maximum height of 51.000m and a maximum speed of 1029m/s (on an almost vertical flight!). It should break Mach 4-5 in leveled altitude flight.

How to fly it (important to read)

(Note: It’s a complex system and rather complicated to fly, compared to simple planes. The decoupling is tricky. you gotta do the steps clean. Take your time, 5-8 seconds should be fine)

  • press [space] to fire engines (100% thrust)
  • watch your yaw when accelerating
  • liftoff minumum speed: 175m/s (runway is long enough :P )
  • fly to an Alttude of ~6000m (always 100% thrust)
  • press [1] to decouple the X-15 and counter weight
  • press [ß] to switch from B-52 to X-15 ( [+] on american keyboard layout)
  • click on the cockpit and press control from here to fix the navball (it bugs after the decoupling)
  • press [2] to activate the rocket engine
  • press [3] to decouple the lower rudder and extent the gear
  • land it on solid ground
  • keep horizontal (maximum 5% pitched up)
  • 100m/s is the savest velocity

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