Imperial Star Destroyer
by SpaceTrashCan
uploaded 2017-08-21
(updated 2017-08-23)
stock ship
#StarWars #Replica #Stock #Stardestroyer #Station


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 710
  • Pure Stock

Imperial Star Destroyer

My first craft on KerbalX was an Imperial Star Destroyer. I now decided to go back to the good old I-Class Destroyer and build a new, better, stonger, stock version. This is the result. It comes with a Launch-System to carry it into Orbit without using any hacks cheats or mods.

The Destroyer + Launch System

The Ship can be launched by it’s massive launch system without using any hacks or cheats. It is, of course, lifted by a cluster of 40 Vector Engines, which provide the enormous power and fantastic manouverabillity to easily achieve Orbit. (Click control from here on the core under the front docking port before launch)

It is even more powerful than my previous Destroyer.
With it’s total 5.207 m/s DeltaV you can reach Orbit around (if you plan manouvers realy well):

  • Kerbin
  • Mun
  • Minmus
  • Duna
  • Ike
  • Eve
  • Gilly

This Destroyer is exactly what you need, if you deal with riots on your Space Station, or if your Minmus miners won’t pay their taxes on time. Yes, it is expensive and yes, it is heavy, but it is Kerbins latest space domination ship. Have fun with it :)

It also has a tiny TIE Fighter in it’s original docking bay, with which you can land on small moons and planets. (~1300 m/s DeltaV)

Nice Ship! Would buy again

-Anakin Kerman

This is not the Ship you’re looking for!

-Obi Wan Kerman

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