Formula One Car
by SpaceTrashCan
uploaded 2017-05-04
stock rover
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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 103
  • Pure Stock

Formula One Car (Mercedes F1 W07 Hybrid)

This is my fully stock Formula One Car. It is based on the Mercedes F1 W07 Hybrid which raced in the 2016 Formula One Season.

Mercedes Benz won the 2016 Constructors Championsship with the W07, scoring a total of 765 points. The two drivers were Nico Rosberg and Lewis Hamilton. Rosberg won the Drivers Championsship in this car, scoring 385 points. Just five more than his teammate Hamilton. The fight for the Championsship came down to a thriller race in Abu Dhabi were Rosberg managed to defend his position and winning his first F1 Championsship.

My version is 5.9m long, 1.7m high and 2.6m wide. I tried to get it as close to the real W08 size as possible. It weights 3.699t (thats actually i lot more than the original :P ). In the uploaded version i added a Mk1 Command Pod to the rear docking port, so the data looks different in the download version.

Technically it has eight-wheel-drive. I added extra wheels to make them look thicker, and more F1-like. Electric Power is provided by a radioisotope generator. It has fuel celles, but only for optic purposes. Though, if you want to use them, you can fill up the fuel tanks inside the car. It is the most stable an manouverable rover i have ever built in KSP (Eight Wheels and downforce make the different). It is safely drivable on the Mun too. Though, the spoilers obviously don’t provide any downforce there.

Have fun with this craft :)

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