Project Shrim
by Skyshrim
uploaded 2016-11-19
stock spaceplane
#SSTA #Prototype


A prototype single stage to anywhere called Project Shrim. This baby is capable of refueling on the Mun or Minmus before flying just about anywhere. Since posting this, I have completed my Jool mission successfully landing on Laythe, Pol, and Bop. Next time I plan to visit Val and possibly Tylo as well. A direct flight to Duna also looks possible, but further testing is required. I am not liable for any Kerbal lives lost to design flaws.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.2.1.

1. set the action groups up cause I don’t know how to on here
2. Fly low until about mach 2 then slowly nose up (you should reach about 1200 m/s by 10km altitude)
3. Flip the rapiers over to rocket mode and turn on the nukes, nose up to about 45-55 degrees until your apoapsis is above the atmosphere
4. circularize
5. misjudge the time it takes to do a transfer burn because you only have some oxidizer left
6. Make it to Mun or Minmus anyway because you’re that badass
7. Crash a few times if it’s the Mun because the nukes are just barely enough to land (this is where the little rcs thrusters come in handy)
8. Fuel that shit up (remember to turn on the radiators and bring an engineer)
9. Fly somewhere cool
10. Fly back home
11. Tumble out of control on re-entry (this can be avoided if you have at least ~500 units of fuel left transferred to the nose)
12. Use aerobrakes to maintain stability when low on fuel
13. Land that shit
14. Fuck bitches
15. Make money

The only mod used is Stock Visual Enhancements


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 142
  • Pure Stock
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