SkunkTwerks Defender-class Light Corvette VTOL
by SkunkTwerks
uploaded 2017-11-13
(updated 2017-11-13)
stock ship
#StarWars #Defender #Corvette


SkunkTwerks proudly presents the Defender-class Light Corvette VTOL. This heavy-duty Corellian starfighter is Jedi-tested and Kerbal-approved as a mobile operations base, a potent source of firepower, and a guaranteed way to impress the bajeezus out of visiting contractors. Despite initial Twerskhop engineering assessments that predicted this ship would never actually fly, the Twerkshop is thrilled to report that flight is remarkably smooth, controllable… even downright enjoyable! Includes two sets of dual laser cannons armed with 4 staged shots (count carefully to avoid accidental parachute deployment) and just enough fuel to reach the island base. Hotkey 10 toggles the loading ramp and solar array.¨Takeoff is straightforward: Ensure that you are controlling the craft from the horizontal RC-L01 Remote Guidance Unit in the nose of the ship (Hotkey 3), not the vertical PPD-12 cupola module (Hotkey 4) or the Lander Can. Set SAS, throttle to full, then hit stage to start engines. Hotkey 1 toggles the vertical engines On/Off, Hotkey 2 toggles the horizontal engines. Landing this beast can be a bit of a Jedi mind trick. (These are not the easy landing instructions you were looking for.) The parachutes will slow your descent significantly, but not quite enough to prevent everyone from dying. And by the time you’ve burned any significant amount of fuel in this craft, the center or gravity will have shifted far enough aft that the four main vertical engines will be too misaligned for safe landing. You’ll probably want to use thrust-balancing mods or the Twerkshop’s “Anything But Guaranteed” clunky workaround stock solution: an additional Vector engine positioned under the rear section of the ship, with a default thrust limit of 0. Pin the tweakable window to your view, and adjust thrust to a rough proportion of your remaining fuel level and adjust on the fly as you land. Depending on how much fuel you’ve burned, the craft will likely require significant amounts of “additional pilot input” to keep the craft level during final descent. In other words, may the Force be with you.

A stock aircraft called SkunkTwerks Defender-class Light Corvette VTOL. Built with 342 of the finest parts, its root part is probeStackLarge.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.1.

Added engine lighting

Preparing for parachute-assisted vertical landing


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 342
  • Pure Stock
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