Dot Matrix Module
by SimCrafterXL
uploaded 2016-03-17
(updated 2016-03-18)
stock station
#dot #matrix #display #lights #pixel


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: station
  • Part Count: 77
  • Pure Stock
  • could be used for debugging (probably in use with kOS), having fun, displaying, decreasing frames and wasting all Action Groups (technically besides one)
  • you are able to display anything (of course you can delete the preprogrammed displays)


This Dot-Matrix-Module is a must have for every space station. It’s cheap and easy to use. It’s perfect for anyone. It consist of 10*5 spotLights as pixels. It’s the perfect choice to decrease frames and waste all Action Groups. On this 10*5 Dot Matrix you can display anything you want. Also including a docking probe②. It comes preprogrammed with 9 displays (see in the Action Group menu).

My intention for this craft was given by an Community Space Station Event by Rabid Viper, thus Action Group 5 displays his initials. - You could change this action group if you wanted to, but I’ll leave it as it is.

I recommend using this display with Action Groups Extended for way more displaying options and in flight Action Group editing. - Of course you could use it vannilla only if you wanted to.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.0.5. The pure module consist of 56 parts, of wich 50 parts are the pixels. It comes in a handy packet, for your launcher and with a docking probe②. Sorry for the bad quality pictures, I’ll do some better ones eventually.


  • Go and program the display in VAB, then test and correct, before sending it up to your station or whatever, you may not be able to edit it afterwards.

  • If you were bored of the white colour you could change it (or pm me, I’ll do it eventually).

  • You may not need the amount of electricity or Monopropellerant, you could of course leave them out or cut off a bit of them.

  • You need a medium powersupply (I guess)

  • Do not guess in Pro-Tips-Sections

  • Do not recommend anything untested (jup AGE isn’t tested on this matrix jet)

  • Of course you can click all single spot light on instead using Action Groups, ‘coz you probably don’t need most of them

①I won’t take any responsibility for occuring damage

②docking probe not included③

was I lying?

yes I was :D

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