190t to LKO lifter. 260$/t.
by Shmeter
uploaded 2020-08-28
| Version 3 of 3
stock lifter


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: lifter
  • Part Count: 118
  • Pure Stock
  • KSP: 1.10.1


3MMD - glider version of 190t lifter to LKO.
Better use the Trajectories mod to land on the KSC runway.
MaxStartMass - 879t (with clamps). Do not exceed.
Payload brutto mass (with fairing) - 199t.
Payload mass - 190t to LKO 72/72km. 260$/t.
How to oribit:
Use gravity turn with start velocity 26m/s and initial angle 8°. (d8 v26)
Pass pitch 45° with ground speed 315-330 m/s.
When time to apoapsis reach 1min 30sec switch Mammoths off (AG1).
How to deorbit:
deorbit burn 40m/s aim E: 100km (by trajectories mod).
After deorbit burn:
switch fly direction (AG2)
switch descent direction to prograde in trajectories mod if you use it.
How to land (read Landing Guide below):
aim to runway axis is S:0,45km (by trajectories mod).
vertical speed on touchdown up to 10m/s.
speed on touchdown 70-110m/s.
Watch video for more info.

Landing Guide. (equatorial orbit)
0. Switch fly direction (AG2). Set descent direction to prograde (Trajectories).
Select target KSC (Trajectories)
1. Before entering atmosphere set SAS mode to prograde. Align horizontally.
2. When you reach the altitude 55km set SAS mode to Stability Assitst (~). AoA will start to raise by itself to some maximum value.
3. When distance to target (Trajectories) decreases to E: 0km, keep it about E: 10km using switching AoA from positive to negative manually. Do not allow zero AoA before you reach speed 1450m/s.
4. Align to runway axis near to High mountains S: 0,45 +/- 0,01.
5. When you reach 1450m/s steer directly to the Edge of the hills. You can use airbrakes (AG5) now.
Keep an eye on the axis of the runway (S: 0,45).
6. Reach point Edge of the hills (start of the runway - 2,5km) with speed about 300m/s and altitude 2000m. Lower landing gear.
7. Fly to the edge of runway. Reach runway on 100-200m/s and altitude 90-100m sea level.
8. Decrease descent speed to 0-5 m/s. Do not allow positive vertical speed.
9. Wait for touchdown. Engage chutes. Use brakes.
Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.10.1.
02.12.2022 - some drag removed. minor changes. max payload 200t.
11.12.2020 - wing area + 3sq.m. stall speed - 60m/s.

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