Tau 2
by Shamash_d
uploaded 2016-12-11
(updated 2016-12-11)
stock lifter
#CSA #Delta #Lifter


Shamash Development and Design Bureau’s Tau 2 rocket in the 3-6 configuration ([first digit of fairing base diameter]-[Zenith core LRB count]). Recommended for 40 tonne delivery to low Kerbin orbit in 3-6, 32 tonnes in 3-4, 25 tonnes in 3-2, and 19 tonnes in 3-0. Warrenty void if ascent instructions are not followed, payload specs exceeded, or fairing tampered with.

A stock rocket called Tau 2. Built with 123 of the finest parts, its root part is fuelTank3-2.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.2.2.

Core engines should be thrust limited 5% per booster (100% on 3-0, 90% on 3-2, 80% on 3-4, 70% on 3-6). Lifter has decently high pad TWR with more boosters, but low TWR for the remainder of the flight, make sure to get turned over so your speed is sufficient to allow the stage to coast on it’s low thrust output. Payload in stat sheet is given in kg.
For further information on the Community Space Agency and for the list and submission forum for available contracts, visit https://www.communityspaceagency.net/


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: lifter
  • Part Count: 123
  • Pure Stock

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