Apollo Saturn V
by Shamash_d
uploaded 2016-09-09
(updated 2016-10-24)
stock ship
#Apollo #SaturnV


A stock rocket called Apollo Saturn V. Built with 248 of the finest parts, its root part is Mk1-2 Command Pod.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.2.0.

A crude replica of the Saturn V. Just like the real on, this one can feature osculation issues during the first stage (only instead of a self amplifying pogo osculation, it tends to be a lateral bend). If this happens, shut SAS off and wait for the osculation to become sufficiently dampened (failure to do so can result in significant damage to the rocket ultimately culminating in RUD). Initial TWR is low, recommend turning slowly and going high, the SII should not get you to orbit, as on the real Apollo missions, you will need to circularize into LKO parking orbit with the S IV B stage (which is why there are two sets of ullage motors, the first of which are intended to be jettisoned on a sub-orbital trajectory after SII burn out, separation, and S IV B engine ignition).
S IV B has significantly excessive margin, rocket of generally poor aerodynamic and mass optimization (compromise of the composite tanks, to get reasonable relative diameter to S IV B and SCM in stock), and CSM generally has an excessive amount of monoprop. S IV B avionics ring is missing as is the famous SII interstage separation (the S1C-SII interstage in general just looks ugly), there’s a ring in the S IV B interstage holding the CSM allowing bypass of the LEM as a structural element (also allowing avoidance of the fused docking ports bug in 1.1.3). LEM looks off from the real one due to a lack of good LEM parts in stock. CSM design is more or less directly ripped off from EJ’s design. Make sure to unlock the LEM ascent tanks before lunar ascent, also recommend thrust limiting the descent engine to 0 after landing so you can throttle to max before activating ascent stage.
LEM has (limited) payload space for surface operation as does the CSM for orbital (loaded for F, G, or H type mission, I or J type requires additional scientific hardware for which the mount points are available, though somewhat incorrect in their location, but must be added separately). S IB (which uses the same CSM and S IV B) should have the command pod at the same height for cross integration in case any lunatics decide they want to build a launch tower.
Jargon Clarification:
S1C: First stage; SII: Second Stage; S IV B: Third stage, this one gets you on your path to the moon; CSM: Command and Service Module (where the Kerbals sit on the way up); LEM: Lunar Excursion Module (or simply Lunar Module, since apparent Excursion was too frivolous a term for so important a mission), the lander.
Brought over to 1.2, removed a lot of struts in favor of auto-struts. Fixed lateral osculation issue. Fixed S-1C to S-II interstage which now looks better and seps like the real one. Changed CSM antenna to look more like the high-gain on the actual thing, clips into the service bay though, so you’ll likely need to open that briefly for nominal deployment. Improved margins on LEM decent and CSM stages to better accommodate for science payload and rover which might come later. Rotated LEM descent stage so ladder goes over leg.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 248
  • Pure Stock

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