New Shepard
by SelfishMeme
uploaded 2015-11-26
stock ship
#New #Shepard #Blue #Origins #Replica


A replica of the Blue Origins New Shepard, takes 6 Kerbals to the edge of space, capsule lands automatically with parachutes. You can land the booster manually or fit a Mechjeb Module.

Flight Manual

Total Assembly including gantry 165 Parts

New Shepard Ship
18.5m tall
152 parts
dV 2496ms
1 S3 KS-25 ‘Vector’ LF Engine

Optional: Transfer Kerbals.
There is a Kerbal in the Lander Can under the fairing, use the mouse to zoom and move until you can see it under the fairing, EVA the Kerbal and right click on a Command Seat to seat him, you do not need to make any Kerbal walk. Then one by one transfer the Kerbals from the MK 2 crew cabins (with lights) at the bottom of the gantry to the Lander Can under the fairing (the one at the top of the gantry is for looks only). After each transfer EVA and seat the Kerbal. Repeat until all Command Seats are taken.

Non Optional: Set Control
Right click on the Probe Core visible between the TR-38-D Decouple and the Fuel Tank and choose ‘Control from here’.
1 (folds gantry deck (Antennae) and releases Stability Enhancer)
Wait for craft to settle
Space to stage

Fly straight up until fuel is exhausted, press x to zero throttle. Wait a few seconds for any relative motion to dampen and for craft to be in zero gravity. Press Space to stage capsule separation. Capsule should continue higher than booster giving your passengers their zero G ride.

Switch control to booster, shift locked fuel in top tank to bottom tank. This provides enough fuel to land the booster with a little margin and a bit of bottom ballast. Click the brake button to deploy airbrakes. Craft may spin a little but should remain upright, if possible make small adjustments to keep it centered on vertical.

At about 1000m lander should have slowed to under 100ms and you should be prepared to throttle up and land. At 500m throttle to full and keep reducing to keep craft under 20ms until very close to ground. Throttle up gently to reduce landing speed to under 10ms and quickly cut throttle immediately upon touchdown.

The capsule parachutes will deploy at about 1500m and fully deploy at a 1000m and it should gently land close by.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.0.5.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 165
  • Pure Stock

Hope you enjoy it!


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