Procyon MkV
by Seekay_
uploaded 2017-01-04
mod ship
#cargo #freighter #mothership

Procyon Mk V Multipurpose Utility Ship

Length: 46.6 m
Width: 15.6 m
Height: 16.0 m
Part count: 90

Mass: 113,994 kg
Dry mass: 88,222 kg
Crew: 6
Delta-V: 22,390 m/s

Primary power source: Tokamak fusion reactor (Deuterium-Helium3 fusion)
Secondary power source: 2 x Curved solar array
Propulsion: 1 x Argon Pulsed Inductive Thruster (54.5 kN, 9375 s)
Navigation: 2 x 3.5m reaction wheel, 16 x Lithium electric RCS (0.25 kN, 2000 s)
Comms: 1 x 2 Mm direct, 1 x 8 Gm direct, 1 x 400 Gm direct, 2 x 8 Gm relay, 1 x 60 Gm relay
Storage: 4 x 2000 litre KIS containers
Science: 2 x Narrow-band scanner


NOTE: This is the correct mod list! Do not use the list in the mods tab!
NOTE: The unrecognized part KerbalX complains about is included in Ven’s Stock Part Revamp*!

B9 Aerospace
KSP Interstellar Extended
NearFuture Propulsion
NearFuture Solar
KW Rocketry
Heat Control
USI Core
OPT Spaceplanes
Ven’s Stock Part Revamp*
Throttle Controlled Avionics (REQUIRED! The ship may fly poorly or may not be controllable at all without it!)

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The KerbalX knowledge base of mods doesn't include these parts (yet).

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