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uploaded 2015-11-21
(updated 2018-05-18)
stock ship
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Something that may be of use to any budding marine biologists out there.

Operation Manual

Hyperedit may be the best way to get UB-40 into the water, but if you don’t use hyperedit, just stage the engines and drive it off the end of the runway.

Once in the water, stage to jettison the land wheels

Throttle up to start moving. Once underway, pressing action group keys 1, 2 and 3 simultaneously will be enough to drop below the surface.

Once comfortably under the surface, press action group key 2 to reduce the amount of negative buoyancy. If you want to sink faster, omit this stage, but be aware that your rate of sink may be difficult to counter if the bottom suddenly looms large beneath you. Reducing the amount of negative buoyancy just makes the craft easier to manoeuvre in the vertical plane just using the normal flight controls

Switching the external lights on will help you to determine when you are getting close to the bottom.

Additional notes

Returning to the surface is best done in a controlled manner, just by ‘flying’ up. In emergencies, press action group keys 1 and 3 to introduce positive buoyancy in the fore and aft ballast tanks, but be aware that UB-40 in this configuration is likely to breach the surface at excessive speed, briefly becoming airborne and possibly resulting in damage as it smacks back down in to the water.

Attitude trims whilst underwater can be done by transferring ore between the fore and aft ore tanks. More delicate changes can be made by making the transfers between the tanks closer to the middle of the boat.

Action group key 5 toggles the periscope.

Engines at 2/3 ahead give the best compromise for speed and distance, only losing a couple of m/s compared to full ahead.

The ‘brake’ action group key can be used to put the engines in reverse thrust if you need to slow down quickly.

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