Airrow Dolphin Mk1
uploaded 2017-08-29
stock aircraft
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  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 59
  • Pure Stock


The Airrow company have developed a cargo plane capable of transporting up to 18 seated passengers, with a possible 18 more sat back-to-back along the floor of the cargo bay, and a further 2 more rows of 9 between them. Once the seats have been removed, 2 small vehicles can be stowed within the cargo bay.

The aircraft will take off only with pilot interaction at ~85 m/s. There is no self lift on take off.

This mid-sized cargo plane has 2 cargo ramps, 1 at the nose and 1 at the tail of the aircraft, and features defensive walls that, in times of conflict, can be raised to cover both the port and starboard sides of the plane. These walls must be raised in order for the pilot and co-pilot to exit the cockpit. They may then travers up or down the deployable ladders on either side of the aircraft.

The 4 landing gears provide strong braking capability, however very soft landings are advised due to the high centre of mass and weight of the plane. The Airrow Dolphin Mk1 handles very well and is even fully capable of emergency water landings with zero damage to the aircraft.

Action Groups (These will have to be set yourself after download)
1. Toggle Engines
2. Nose Ramp
3. Tail Ramp
4. Both Ramps
5. Cockpit Deflector Walls
6. Extendable Ladders
0. Interior Red Light

Emergency Landing Procedures
1. Gently touch down in water keeping a flat trajectory with landing gears stowed
2. Open deflector walls so crew may exit and stand on top of aircraft to await rescue (Open both ramps if personnel are inside. Once cargo bay is empty, close both ramps)
3. Turn on all lights and await rescue

WARNING! Once personnel have been seated in cargo bay, right click on cockpit and select ‘Control From Here’

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.0.

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