Aerobus A200
uploaded 2018-06-01
stock aircraft


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 64
  • Pure Stock

Hypersonic airplane for Kerbal Express Airlines challenge.
Price: 91,940 (KSP in-game funds)/ 91,940,000 (Challenge price)
Takeoff/Landing speed:50 m/s
Cruising altitude: 18,500m above sea level
Cruising Speed: Mach 4 (1320 m/s)/4750 km/h
Ceiling: 25.000 m ASL
Capacity: 4 crew members and 72 passengers (Challenge stats)/2 pilots and 36 passengers (KSP stats)
Range: 5000 km (Manufacturer is not sure with range and it needs further testing to be done by customers)

This majesticly fast airplane capable of hypersonic and/or suborbital flight catches all other airplanes with its price, weight and extreme speed, combining 2 types of most powerful jet engines.
Procedure: Apply 50% of throtle, then pull up and hold at 15 degrees after reaching 50 m/s.
Climb to cruising altitude at speed of 400 m/s. After reaching 10,000 m, speed up to cruising speed.
Cruising is the hardest part, as it is almost impossible to hold same altitude. Keep moving between
17 and 19 km while cruising.
On descend, cut the throttle and wait till plane reaches 5000 m altitude, then continue to 3000 m at
speed of 250 m/s
Approach shall be done by keeping speed 100m/s, 20 seconds before touchdown, slow down
to 70 m/s, 5 seconds before touchdown, cut throttle, touchdown and apply full brakes.

Warning: NEVER EVER maneuver with plane 1000 m/s bellow 6000 meters ASL, as it will result in plane being broke up.
To avoid High-G maneuvers, do not turn above speed of sound while climbing or descending bellow
12,000 meters ASL.
I hope you will have fun with this plane, as it is very stable, and takes off much slower than most of other plane of its category, without need of any flaps.
Flaps are not installed due to this reason.

Enjoy safety, as its top priority.

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