Sea Archelon
by Ryno
uploaded 2017-08-31
stock aircraft

Naval Archelon

A heavy cargo plane based around the fictional concept Archelon.
This variant is armed with a modified HVAP Rheinmetall 120mm anti-ship cannon. Loaded with explosive tipped ‘minengeschoss’ rounds, this brute of a gun can tear through the thick armour mounted on the sides of battleships and deliver a crippling blow to whatver lies beneath. 12 shots may not seem like much, but this is generous for their weight and for a skilled gunner could easily wipe out a battleship with shots to spare.
The crew of this Archelon is 4 - one pilot, one gunner and two loaders. Typically, the co-pilot will fire the main gun using their own private interface. However, in cases where this is not possible, the pilot can take control of the battery and use a more primitive gunsight to line up shots.
Due to the weight of the main battery, fuel has been stripped from the plane. Nevertheless it has an adequate range for defending coastal positions from naval onslaught.

Press 1 to fire, press 2 to reload! Please note that as this is stock, the main battery does not fire - it is purely aesthetic


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 191
  • Pure Stock
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