NASA Lunar Orbital Platform - Gateway (LOP-G)
by RundownPear
uploaded 2019-02-10
(updated 2019-02-12)
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This is a replica of NASA’s Lunar Orbital Platform Gateway design from 2017 (this is outdated, many of the modules have been redesigned). It includes the Power and Propulsion Element, the Utilization Module, the European ESPIRT module, the American habitat, the International Partners Habitat, and the airlock along with two generic Cyngus inspired logistics vehicles.
This design is very outdated and since 2017 a lot has changed. Most of the modules are under contract with new names and there are some other changes to the actual layout.
The Lunar Gateway (officially Lunar Orbital Platform – Gateway) is an in-development space station in lunar orbit intended to serve as a solar-powered communications hub, science laboratory, short-term habitation module, and holding area for rovers and other robots. It would play a major role in NASA’s Artemis program.

While the project is led by NASA, the Gateway is meant to be developed, serviced, and utilized in collaboration with commercial and international partners. It will serve as the staging point for both robotic and crewed exploration of the lunar south pole, and is the proposed staging point for NASA’s Deep Space Transport concept for transport to Mars.

The science disciplines to be studied on the Gateway are expected to include planetary science, astrophysics, Earth observations, heliophysics, fundamental space biology, and human health and performance.[9]

Gateway development includes all of the International Space Station partners: ESA, NASA, Roscosmos, JAXA, and CSA. Construction is planned to take place in the 2020s. The International Space Exploration Coordination Group (ISECG), which is composed of 14 space agencies including NASA, has concluded that Gateway will be critical in expanding a human presence to the Moon, Mars, and deeper into the Solar System. Formerly known as the Deep Space Gateway (DSG), the station was renamed in NASA’s 2018 proposal for the 2019 United States federal budget. When the budgeting process was complete, US$450 million had been committed by Congress to preliminary studies.


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