Military spy-station (TR3a-MOA)
by RundownPear
uploaded 2020-01-25
stock+DLC station
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The Manned Orbital Asset and T3a space station are highly classified crewed spacecraft operated by the Kerbal Space Command and is also known under its public name Project Guardian Angel. What you are about to see is classified to the highest authority.
The Manned Orbital Asset is the main orbital component of the T3a space station operated by the Kerbal Space Command. The station’s main purpose is to observe and monitor The Southern Federation of Independent Nations and their secretive space program The Aerospace Research Organization (ARO). The station was deemed necessary after the ARO built and launched the first crewed Minimus mission and caught the Kerbal Space Program completely off guard. The surprise came mostly due to the fact that no one knew the ARO had the capability to build such a large vehicle. In the fallout, the KSP was blamed and had most of their funding cut and put towards the Kerbal Space Command, a military focused Space organization hell bent on dominating space. Part of that plan is constant planetary observation using the T3a space complex. The MOA is the orbital component of the T3a station and includes three modules, the habitation module, the service module, and the external equipment module.
The entire station is fully assembled when it’s crew / command / logistics module is attached known as the Almanac spacecraft
The habitation module is made up of 1 science lab and is the main crew space on the station while the Almanac spacecraft holds the logistics. The gravitation module also contains the propulsion systems. The service module contains the fuel tanks for the propulsion system as well as the main solar arrays. It has a crew tunnel to allow them to access the station control center / airlock. The external equipment module contains more fuel as well as a powerful surface scanner capable of taking high resolution and high detail images of the surface, it is designed to be manually controlled from the station control center. It uses robotic parts to allow fine tuning. Two radial scanners are also attached to the habitation module, they are remotely assembles after launch. Although divided up into multiple modules, the station is launched all at once by the Heavy Lift Vehicle. The modular design allows outdated or malfunctioning equipment to be swapped out for newer ones without dooming the entire station. It also allows the station to be assembled by many smaller rockets if need be. Due to the Kerbal Space Command tendancy to distance itself from the Kerbal Space Program, the station has no STV docking ports making KSP missions to the station impossible, making them rely on their aging Pavlov station.
The launcher is known as the HLV and is the standard KSC rocket and was designed by the agency. It has an insane payload capability and checks all the boxes for the mission.

2- Deploy array and activate radiators

3- Toggle propulsion

4- Toggle surface scanner

5- Deploy scanning array

Craft is based off of the real life MOL and Almaz APOS.

Development time was about 2 hours.

A stock rocket called Military spy-space station (TR3a-MOA). Built with 125 of the finest parts, its root part is Size3EngineCluster.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 125
  • Pure Stock


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