Almanac Spacecraft (Project CCTV7)
by RundownPear
uploaded 2020-01-25
stock+DLC ship
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The Crew and Cargo Transport Vehicle is a highly classified crewed spacecraft operated by the Kerbal Space Command and is also known under its public name Project Almanac. What you are about to see is classified to the highest authority.
The Almanac and it’s sister spacecraft the Manned Orbital Asset (MOA) make up the T3a space station, a highly classified reconnaissance platform located in a 200x200 90 degree orbit. The station and spacecraft are operated by the Kerbal Space Command. The Almanac is a high volume crew and logistics vehicle capable of transporting three crew and several tons of cargo to the MOA. This allows for more simple and a lower operation profile, only requiring four launches a year rather than 9 to keep the station manned throughout the year as each crew can carry all the necessary logistics with it. This allows for the program overall to have a lower profile and attract less attention.
It’s designed to operate with the MOA and form the created T3a space station
It’s fuel is located on it’s nose requiring it to dock with he station using a large docking port located on it’s rear giving the station an inline looks. This does also allow for a larger hatch to more easily transport equipment to and from the Almanac. It is powered by fuel cells which limits It’s free flying capability to a little less than a month but when tended to the MOA it can stay in orbit for up to 350 days. It has just enough d/v to get to the high altitude MOA and return, not much room for error. The LAS is nose mounted and powered by eight liquid fuel engines that are separated and ejected right before orbital injection.
When landing the vehicle is designed to eject it’s heat shield to reduce speed when touching down on land.
It launches using a KR1a 215 rocket, one of the oldest and most reliable in my lineup. The vehicle has just enough fuel to put the spacecraft into a 180 km parking orbit or on a direct trajectory to the MOA.

1- activate fuel cell

9- eject LAS

This vehicle is based off of the real life TKS spacecraft which served a similar function under the Soviet Almaz program. Although it never flew with crew, the Zvezda module of the ISS is based off of it as is many of the other ISS and Mir modules.

Development time was an hour.

A stock rocket called Almanac Spacecraft Project CCTV7. Built with 83 of the finest parts, its root part is Rockomax16.BW.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.8.1.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 83
  • Pure Stock


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