AirLaunch Crew and Logistics Vehicle
by RundownPear
uploaded 2020-02-08
stock+DLC ship
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Welcome to AirLaunch’s flagship vehicle, the Crew and Logistics Vehicle (CLV). It is designed to service space stations like Pavlov station and is able to transport both crew and cargo in a single flight. It uses the basic L3 Spacecraft design and has a stretched service module to add a payload bay. This variant includes an automated logisitcs pod carrying fule for both the propulsion system of Pavlov station as well as RCS fuel. It can carry other vehicles like the Crewed Orbital Transport as well as smaller station modules. It is one of the KSP’s 3 commercial vehicles and flies alongside the ISpace Z-3 spacecraft and the in-development OMS’s Orbital Space Plane. These vehicles allows for crews to come and go from Pavlov station with the STV only being used for logistics and construction.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 92
  • Pure Stock

Since it is operated by AirLaunch, it flies on their rocket the Hydro2. Like all AirLaunch rockets, the Hydro2 relies on a catamaran solid first stage which carreis the airstarted core stage to an altitude of about 30km before it is seperated and powers the rest of the ascent.

The Crew and Logisitcs spacecraft is powered by a single main engine and based off of the Expedition platform. It has descent d/v numbers and is capable of transporting large amounts of cargo.

The logistics pod is capable of carrying just about anything and has t’s own propulsion and control system.

What a crazy idea, no one would actually stretch a spacecrafts service module to put cargo in it right? Well actually ATK proposed the LIberty Launch System for the Commercial Crew Program and the spacecraft was literally a modified Orion spacecraft that would be able to carry external cargo. It wasn’t selected and the Liberty Launch System became the OmegA project which doesn’t have a crewed spacecraft.

This is 1 of 3 commercial styled crew vehicles I am gonna upload in the next few days. All 3 of these vehicles are cheap and unique from each other while also being inspired by real life commercial spacecraft.

Development time was around an hour

A stock rocket called AirLaunch Crew and Logistics Vehicle. Built with 92 of the finest parts, its root part is EnginePlate1p5.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.8.1.

1- Toggle fuel cell
9- Eject abort tower


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