4-in-1 Duna Base System
by RundownPear
uploaded 2020-01-20
stock+DLC ship
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Welcome to my biggest craft ever, the 4-in-1 Duna Base System. What’s the most tedious thing about establishing bases on other planets? It’s the damn launches. With this system you can bring a lot of stuff at once. In one launch you have a rover to scout a landing site, an ascent vehicle to bring you back to orbit, a base that your crew also descends in, and a return stage to get you home from Duna orbit.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 250
  • Pure Stock

Transfer Vehicle

The transfer vehicle is the main cargo carrier that acts as a mother ship and tends to its separate payloads until their deployments. It has it’s own propulsion and avionics system as well as a built in relay. It contains the solar array that powers the crew compartments during transit. It also contains the propulsion system used for mid course corrections and breaking into Duna orbit. It contains two separate payload sections; one is used for smaller payloads such as the rover and return stage while the other is used for larger crewed landers.


The Duna Roving Vehicle is pretty small and standard. It can transport two at a time and has all the comodities expected from a mobile habitat. Landing it is pretty easy. It has a transfer stage to help it maneuver in orbit and is ditched on ascent. It than has two radial propulsion segments to guide it to a soft and safe touchdown. Early crews can land in it to analyze potential landing sites for the bases. It isn’t essenmtail so you can definitley swap it out for something else if you’d rather bring. Has ample room for a Breaking Ground scanner arm

Ascent Vehicle

The Ascent Vehicle is the second vehicle deployed from the transfer vehicle and lands on the surface before the crews arrival. It is also used during Kerbin Ascent and reentry at the end of the mission so remember to repack those chutes. It can stage it’s radial fuel tanks on ascent to improve d/v numbers. After entering Duna orbit, the crew meets up with the Return Stage and dock the two together. The Ascent Vehicles propulsion stage is than jettisoned to save weight and it’s main habitation module is used as living space for the return journey.

Duna Base

Pretty self explanatory. It’s used as the main ground habitation and brings the crew down to the surface. It’s designed to land and stay there permanently while the crew uses the Ascent Vehicle to get home. It has a solar array as well as an RTG to power it. It also has ample room for breaking ground containers in the airlocks storage compartment. Can support up to 4 (8 with the 6 man science lab mod).

Return Stage

The return stage is a separate propulsion module used to bring the Ascent Vehicle’s habitat and return modules back to Kerbin. It contains power and propulsion as well as communications equipment. It does not have enough d/v to enter Kerbin orbit so you need to directly land so make sure your heat shield works.

So yeah here’s my craft, it’s a big one. Hope you enjoy, took about 2 hours to build and test. Feedback is really appreciated and yeah that’s it.

A stock rocket called 4-in-1 Duna Base System. Built with 250 of the finest parts, its root part is EnginePlate2.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.8.1.


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