Xerosere Laythe
by RuBisCO
uploaded 2016-08-27
(updated 2017-09-03)
stock spaceplane
#laythe #seaplane #ssto #amphibious

- Type: SPH
- Class: spaceplane
- Part Count: 95
- Pure Stock


This craft is easy to fly, has plenty of propellant to spare after entering Kerbin or Laythe orbit from the sea.

Completed to make up for my failed Laythe Shuttle which was initially intended as a Duna flier and has been finalized for that planet as the Quetzal-Duna. Instead for Laythe I used my xerosere series as a template, changing out much of the body and adding sea skids, but retaining the very stable and responsive wings.

Comes with landing gear for amphibious operation, RCS, ladder, fuel cell powered.

Take-Off from Sea Instructions: start with airbreathing engines and slats extended until reaching 35-40 m/s, switch to rocket mode until reaching >70 m/s then pitch up. Once airborne switch back to airbreathing mode and retract slats.

2017.9.3 Update: updated to 1.3.0, rebuilt using Xerosere IV frame, tested landing from orbit and taking off to orbit on laythe in 1.3.0 (without MJ) works fine.

A stock aircraft called Xerosere Laythe. Built with 95 of the finest parts, its root part is mk2Cockpit.Inline.

Built in the SPH in KSP version 1.3.0.

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