Shroom Tree I
by RuBisCO
uploaded 2017-10-16
(updated 2017-10-16)
stock ship
#Eve #Lander #Return


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 242
  • Pure Stock


A retroactive upgrade over the Detritus, using its 5-Kerbal predecessor. This uses wheeled landing gear that can handle Eve gravity better then wheel-less landing gear. Also include ladders.

Fully fueled can go from KSC to LKO without staging, refueled in LKO it can go to Eve Surface. Refueled on Eve’s surface it can make it to LEO… and no further.

A stock rocket called Shroom Tree I. Built with 242 of the finest parts, its root part is adapterSize3-Mk3.

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.3.1.

Off Eve Surface:
-1: Load/unload kerbals via ladder, but decouple spent parachutes that are blocking the ladder.
0. Refuel on Eve via a mining base of your own design.
1. Make sure cross-feed is disable on upper stage decoupler and that fins are at set to 100.
2. Take off and stage gear and spent parachutes pods.
3. Go up vertical, stage each stage until you are down to the core stage.
4. Begin turn above 25 km altitude and do not go below 65° slope.
5. Stage to final stage, go to a 0° slope and keep going until getting a projected apogee of 120-150 km.
6. Circularize at apogee, should have ~500-1000 m/s of fuel left.
7. Open solar panels in orbit.
* You will need another ship of your own design to dock and transfer out the kerbals, and take them back to Kerbin.

To Eve Surface:
-2. Take off from Kerbin, do not stage, activate crossfeed on coupling between final stage. Should be able to enter orbit with ~800 m/s to spare.
-1. You will need to refuel in LKO with your own system. You will need at least an added 1000 m/s in delta-v.
0. Go to Eve transfer orbit, inflate heat sheilds, aerobrake or aerocapture in prograde position or land directly. Place remaining fuel in forward fuel tanks to keep center of mass far ahead of center of drag. DO NOT ENTER EVE ATMOSPHERE FULLY FUELED!
1. Continue in prograde position in respect to surface speed until reaching an airspeed of 300 m/s, then stage the stern braking ballutes. G Loads should top out at 10 G Max during entry.
2. Turn off SAS and reverse the fin’s control direction to -150 and activate SAS to retrograde position and allow the ship to stablize in retrograde position. Move fuel to lower tanks to help stabilize retrograde position.
3. Stage the bow heat shields when the ship enters retrograde position.
4. Stage the drague parachutes.
5. When drague parachutes open and reduce speed, stage the main parachutes and extend landing gear.
6. When approaching the ground throttle the engines to cushion the landing.

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