Kream Katcher 3.01
by RuBisCO
uploaded 2017-04-02
(updated 2017-04-03)
stock spaceplane


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: spaceplane
  • Part Count: 89
  • Pure Stock


More power, more utility.

Replaced the aft docking port and 2x20 kN engines of the v2.02 with a more powerful 120 kN Main Engine that allows for emergency abort from the pad. Flying performance is so much improved that it no longer needs parachutes for landing. RCS thrusters are now center-lined improving RCS fuel usage in all directions of travel. Unlike v1.xx and like v2.02: has a shielded semi-universal docking port with docking light and has probe pod for remote control. All of this at the sacrifice of increased mass and ~10% lower delta-V over predecessors.

With Booster: Booster is a MEB-4 with fins for stability. Includes space for cargo of up to 20 tons (10 tons if using only 2 solids in MEB-2 Configuration). Once in orbit jettison fairing, turn around, jettison inter-stage and dock with the cargo. Without cargo and even in MEB-2 configuration this craft can land on minmus and return, aerobrake, re-enter and land at the spaceport. In MEB-4 configuration and with an extra fuel tank inside the cargo fairing it can land on the Mun.

Landing Procedure: When landing have brakes always on, land level at 50-70 m/s and have most of the fuel consumed so that the center of mass is far enough back.

v3.01: No structural changes, just tweeked some settings and added action groups

Warning: Can return from no further than Minmus with periapsis >20 km, will not survive even aerobraking from stellar velocities >4.5 km/s

A stock rocket called Kream Katcher 3.01. Built with 89 of the finest parts, its root part is Mark2Cockpit

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.2.9.

Boosterless Specifications
Parts: 39
Cost: 21,530
Wet mass: 8.649 t
Dry mass: 5.639 t
ME Prop. mass: 2.5 t
RCS Prop. mass: 0.51 t
ME Δv: 1059 ± 39 m/s
RCS Δv: 173 ± 30 m/s
Total Δv: 1232 ± 8 m/s
Min T/W Ratio: 1.28
Max T/W Ratio: 2.17

Can abort even from the pad.

Landing with SAS on, but hands were off the controls: easy.

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