Goose II
by RuBisCO
uploaded 2016-08-20
(updated 2016-10-17)
stock aircraft
#seaplane #amphibious #cargo

- Type: SPH
- Class: aircraft
- Part Count: 109
- Pure Stock


Main improvements over the Goose I is a totally different wing architecture and the addition of assist engines. Instead of a 5° static pitch wing, this plane features a smaller flat pitch wing with slats that can be activated when taking off/landing for maximum lift/lowest stall speed.

With the assist engines it can now take off from water fully fueled and with ~22 tons of cargo. Slight sacrifice in fuel capacity and range.

Minimum Cruise Performance: 4.9 km @ 265 m/s @ 5° pitch (full +22 tons of cargo)

Maximum Cruise Performance: 6.5 km @ 295 m/s @ 3° pitch (nearly empty, no cargo)

Minimum stall speed when loaded, extended slats and flaps: 65 m/s

Minimum stall speed when loaded, retracted slats and flaps: 100 m/s

Ferry range: 3200 km @ 6.5 km mechjeb autopilot altitude

Loaded Range: ~2800 km with ~22 tons cargo

Maximum proven sea take off conditions: fully fueled with 31 tons of cargo.

Take Off Instructions: Start at full power, all engines with wing slats and flaps extended. Accelerate to >70 m/s at 0-1° pitch, then pitch up to go airborne. Retract slats and flaps >100 m/s

Tips: If using Mechjeb to fly then de-activate roll on the outer and middle flaps of the wings to achieve stable flight.

Bug: Make sure all slats and flaps on the wings extend down, KSP will sometimes change the extend direction for no understood reason.

2016.8.21 Update: Tweeked bay door opening width, slight re-alignment of slats

2016.10.17 Update: Updated to KSP 1.2, added shutting off of intakes for assist engines when shutting off assist engines

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