Ares Opposition-Class Surface Habitat
by Rocketdyne_H1
uploaded 2022-03-05
mod base
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  • Kerbal Attachment System
  • Kerbal Inventory System
  • Near Future Construction
  • Near Future Solar
  • SpaceY Heavy Lifters
  • Squad (stock)
  • Stockalike Station Parts Expansion
  • squadexpansion

The Opposition-Class Duna missions involved relatively shorter surface stays, followed by a high-energy return at a nonoptimal transfer window. This was considered beneficial for early expeditions, when many unknowns remained about Duna surface exploration.

This static base is an all-in one solution to all the problems about living for prolonged periods on the Red Planet. With a healthy stockpile of supplies, and electricity provided by solar panels in the day and batteries/fuel cells (use sparingly) at night, it is able to provide accommodation for up to five Kerbals for one year. KIS and stock inventory cargo storage provides space for experiments and spare parts. KAS ports and hoses allows topping off of the limited fuel cell reactants from other vehicles.

Before an Opposition-class mission, this base is sent on its way aboard an Exodus 1-12 one transfer window before the crew. After a 200-day cruise, the Common Space Storable Stage (CSSS) brakes it into Dunatian orbit, and then targets it for a descent. Four fins produce minimal retargeting capability for what is effectively a flying barrel, and parachutes slow its descent to a manageable rate, before retrorockets fire to soften the blow. Once on the surface, it is ready to receive any crew to come by.

Since any crew would call this home for an extended period, a tradition of naming the base has been established:
Ares 1: Pathfinder 2
Ares 2: Prairie

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