Mun Lander I
by Redbiertje
uploaded 2016-04-05
stock ship
#1.1 #Stock #Mun #Lander


This Mun Lander was designed for new players. Doesn’t mean experienced players can’t use it. It’s just easy to use, and it has way too much dV.


All seperations are sepatron-assisted, so you have no risk of colliding with empty stages.

The first stage boosters are thrust limited, to get a good Thrust-to-Weight ratio during ascent

The second stage has fins to keep the craft stable, and an extra reaction wheel, for easier control.

The lander has a wide basis, so there’s little chance of tipping over after touchdown

The lander also has an RTG, so you won’t have to worry about electricity. It also has lights, a ladder, and science modules.

Mission profile

You should be able to get your apoapsis above the atmosphere with just the first stage, and the second stage will stay with you till you start descending over Mun. The third stage, will be used for landing on Mun. Be careful, you should start slowing down at least 30 kilometers above the surface. It’s a relatively heavy stage, and the engine isn’t very strong. If you do everything right, you won’t even need the last stage.

Before reentering Kerbin’s atmosphere, you should drop all stages, till your next stage is a parachute. Deploy those when it’s safe, and finally activate the last parachute when you are travelling slower than 250 m/s.


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: ship
  • Part Count: 122
  • Pure Stock
This craft was built during the pre-release phase of KSP more info
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