RH-3 Sparrow
by RaptorAviation
uploaded 2017-08-07
mod aircraft
#early #WW1 #WWI #biplane #propeller


  • Type: SPH
  • Class: aircraft
  • Part Count: 27
  • Mods: 3


  • Airplane Plus
  • Firespitter
  • Squad (stock)

Based on one of the earliest aircraft manufactured by Raptor Aviation and Aerospace Technologies, the RH-3 ‘Sparrow’ has been refurbished for modern operations.

Designed as an early flight solution for fledgling space programs, the RH-3 has a low part count, low tech requirements, a low cost of only 17,018 funds, and able to perform a wide variety of missions, the RH-3 is perfect for beginners.

Designated as a reconnaissance and search and rescue (RH) aircraft, it can fulfill almost any task an early player needs their aircraft to fulfill. This includes exploration, research, training, airshows, and crew transport.


  • Maximum Airspeed: 58 m/s
  • Maximum Altitude: 10,000m
  • Crew capacity: one (1) pilot and one (1) passenger
  • Fuel amount: 90 units
  • Parts: 27
  • Weight: 3.762 tons

Action groups:

[1] Toggle engines

While the Sparrow is not incredibly fast, that is simply a limitation of the engine technology. It can provide enough thrust to carry the plane up to extremely high altitudes, and it has a rather impressive range for such a small aircraft. In addition, it is rather maneuverable.

In order to cut down on technology requirements, we decided to not include ladders. You’ll either have to get a stool or jump and press F to climb up onto the wing. With a capacity for one passenger, it is a perfect solution to rescuing downed pilots.

Note: Customers are encouraged to repaint their aircraft before attempting any reconnaissance missions.

Proudly brought to you by Raptor Aviation and Aerospace Technologies

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