M3V EV-7 'Mobile Mission Kit'-Titan 4N
by Raptor9
uploaded 2019-03-09
(updated 2019-05-06)
stock+DLC probe
#M3V #Orbital #Assemby #UnCrewed #Propellant

The EV-7 was designed using technology from the HLV-5 lander in order to bring a modular capability to distant, long-term interplanetary expeditions. The ‘Skipjack’ doesn’t have the delta-V reserves of the larger EV-6 ‘Windjammer’, but provides a critical and dynamic mission specialization asset to any expedition. The EV-7 Mobile Mission Kit allows crews to optimize their EV-7 for a specifc mission while on the fly. With the Dres and Joolian Spheres-of-Influence (SOI) in mind, the EV-7 is pre-deployed autonomously ahead of the crewed expedition spacecraft by a NITE reusable transport stage.

Orbital Assembly Altitude: 200km low Kerbin orbit

EV-7 Mission Modules Link
EV-7 Command Module Link

Built in the VAB in KSP version 1.7.0.

Action Groups:
[1] Toggles Fore/Aft Thrusters
[2] Toggles Maneuvering Thrusters
[3] Toggles Engines
[4] Toggles Cabin & Exterior Lights
[5] Toggles Docking Shield
[6] Toggles Grappling Arm (ISRU Module only)
[6] Toggles Landing Engines (Landing Module only)
[7] Toggles Solar Array/Radiators (ISRU Module only)
[8] Opens Reconnaissance Display
[9] Opens Scanner Display (Scanning Module only)
[9] Toggles Excavators (ISRU Module only)
[0] Toggles Harvesting (ISRU Module only)


  • Type: VAB
  • Class: probe
  • Part Count: 165
  • Pure Stock

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